Friday, November 15, 2013

Finding Time to Make Everything

Do you ever feel like this when you are trying to get several projects finished?  Everything seems to pile up at once and you can barely find time to finish even one project?  Where do you find the strength (and time) to get everything accomplished? 

We find ourselves struggling with these questions on a daily basis.  The problem with being in such a demanding field is finding a balance between not having enough work and taking on too many projects.  Where do you draw that line?  I have a hard time telling a prospective client that I just cannot handle any more work right now, because I know I am letting them down, but then again, I am making it much better for the clients I already have because their quilts will have all of the attention and love that they need to be finished not only on time, but with all of my attention. 

I hope, as our business continues to grow, that I will be able to distinguish between the two and find a happy medium.  I love what I do and hopefully everyone around us will know that and continue to make our business a success.

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